Vow renewal IN FRANCE

Charming wedding castles, Eiffel Tower view, lavender fields or vineyards : an elopement in France is always a good idea.

We consider an elopement as both a personnalized ceremony and a unique getaway far from home. Both should be perfect.

How does it work?

We work with a trustful partner specialized in stress-free and personnalized elopements for an unforgettable experience.

This partner is dedicated to the ceremony itself on the D-Day  (venue, officiant, hair & make up, photographer...).
As far as we are concerned, we are commited to the elopement's trip part (flight, hotel, trip planning and activities for the getaway that follows the ceremony...).
We and our partner both work very closely. Thus, we offer you a seamless all-inclusive elopement package.

What is included in the elopement package?

This package above is simply a suggestion. You can 100% personalize it by adding or substituting services. Let us know what you’re interested in. We can craft the package according to the number of guests (intimate Elopement with just the two of you or up to 20 pax).

Starting from 6900€, we offer an hassle-free package. Without a single guest or with a few special people,  you can rely on us for all the logistics while you focus on this magical moment of your life.

D-Day services included

- Personnalized Elopement planner (Skype meeting and unlimited e-mails to prepare your Elopement)

- Venue booking (public place in front of a iconic landmark or private venue)

- Personnalized Coordination on the D-Day

- Officiant/Celebrant

- Photographer

- Live Music for the ceremony

- Photographer

- Flowers/Bouquet

- Hair & Make Up

Trip services included for 2 pax

- Flights

- Private pick-up at the airport

- Luxury accomodation with breakfast included for 3 nights

- 2 private tours to discover the region

Which part of France should you select for your elopement?

Each French region gets its own characteristics. Paris is highly recommend for its romantic atmosphere, Champagne will be the right place for a sparkling gastronomic journey, Normandy will be ideal for history lovers who like untouched nature, French Riviera is synonyme of relaxed lifestyle in a glamorous environment...

Why trusting The French Travel for your elopement?

We will save you


You already planned your wedding. As a travel agency, we can do all the heavy lifting for you and alleviate all the stress that comes along with planning a trip to a new location. 

We will make your trip easy

We ensure smooth logistics from your arrival up until your departure, to make your stay even more unique and easy.  We specialize in seamless experiences.

We plan personnalized elopements

Because all couples are different, we do a specific focus on personalization. We want your ceremony to match with your personnalities and wishes.

We offer excluvive experiences

We give you access to hidden gems and unique experiences for a memorable trip. We also book for you charming and luxury accommodation that has a real history,

We take on any surprise issues that come along.

We will still have your back even if an unexpected problem appears. We will also be able to prevent unforeseen issues thanks to our knowledge of France.

The French Travel

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