paris highlights tour

Save time and explore the main sights of Paris

It’s your first time in Paris, you don't have much time and you want to check out the most iconic sights ? 

Explore Paris the local way and leave the navigation to your passionate Parisian expert.


Full-Day (6 hours) or Half-day (3 hours)


This Paris Highlights Private Tour is the best way to discover the city, its main attractions, and learn about their history.


We will do all the planning for you and you will meet your private guide directly at your accommodation in Paris. Admire the most iconic neighborhoods and enjoy the main highlights of our beautiful city in a fun and interactive way.


Your guide will always personalize the tour according to your group (whether you are traveling with kids, history buff, arts lovers...).


Because we hate touristy traps, you will stop for lunch in a very local "bistrot" (lunch not-included), surrounded by parisians having their lunch break. 


Your guide will do her best to give you a real feel of how the city works and she will share tips on how to make the best use of your time in Paris for the remaining days you have here. 


Whether you visit Paris for the first time or your travel with your family who have never been there, this tour is the perfect to start your stay in France. We can also combine this tour with a private airport pick up. If your flight arrives in the morning and if your rooms are not ready yet, this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the city right off the plane (and fight the jetlag at the same time!).


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